How do I get started with the Tiller Foundation template?

Review our quick start guide here, which includes a quick getting started video. 

The basics are:

  1. Feed data to the sheet using the Tiller Money Feeds add-on. 
  2. Customize your categories.
  3. Categorize transactions.
  4. Customize your sheet for budgeting. 

How does Tiller get bank data into my Google Sheet?

We use a Google Sheets add-on called the Tiller Money Feeds add-on to feed financial data into your Google Sheets. The add-on is pre-installed into the Tiller Foundation template, which you can access by clicking the "Start with Google Sheets" button on the Tiller Console under Pick Your Platform. 

You will connect the template, your own Google Sheets template, or even a blank Google Sheet to the financial feeds using the add-on. Just install and sign in to the add-on with your Tiller-subscribed gmail account and easily link a sheet and start feeding your data, all right in the Google Sheet. 

Here's a demo with the Foundation Template:

How often does the Feeds add-on update my sheet with new data?

If you have the Auto Update feature turned on this process will pull in new transactions from our database into your Google Sheet once a day, usually in the very early morning (think 1AM). The version history should indicate the last time this process ran (under your Google user). 

If you do not have the Auto Update feature turned on you will need to manually click “Update sheet” to pull the latest available data into your sheet. 

If you find that new transactions are not being pulled into your sheet either manually or automatically, review our guide on why your sheet might be missing transactions and reach out to if that doesn’t help. 

Which templates can I use with the Tiller Money Feeds add-on?

You can connect Tiller's financial data feeds to any existing Google Sheets template if it has a core sheet and supported columns. Tiller offers one official template for Google Sheets, the Foundation Template that includes yearly and monthly budget views, cash flow analysis, and quick insights about net worth and spending trends. 

You can also find templates and solutions to various financial workflows (net worth, zero sum budgeting, debt snowball, and more) via Tiller Labs in the Tiller Community. Many of these can be easily added and managed using the Tiller Labs add-on

Can I link more than 5 sheets to the Console using the add-on?

There is a 5 sheet linking limit for spreadsheets linked to the Console (Google Sheets and Excel combined). This still applies to sheets linked to the Console using the Feeds add-on. 

What happens to a sheet I unlink?

Any sheets you unlink will still exist in your Google Drive, but cannot be updated by Tiller’s data feeds. You can delete these sheets if you’d like or save them as a backup or archive of your data. You can re-link a sheet that was previously linked, but you’re likely to get duplicate transactions in your sheet. 

How can I manually track balances and transactions for non-automated accounts?

We hope to build this capability directly into the Tiller Money Feeds add-on later in 2019. In the mean time you can manually add transactions by inserting rows on the Transactions sheet. You can manually track balances for non-automated accounts using these steps

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