My sheet is not updating

Most likely you haven't yet turned on the Auto Update feature under Settings in the sidebar so you need to click "update sheets" in the sidebar manually to have the sheet update. Otherwise, you may need to refresh your accounts on the Console at

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Transactions sheet is not compatible

⚠ This spreadsheet's Transactions sheet is not compatible with Tiller. Archive or delete your Transactions sheet...

This error happens when the word "Date" is missing in row 1 for the Date column in the Transactions sheet. Add the word "Date" back to row 1 in the date column and then click the "reload" link in the warning message.

Spreadsheet incompatible

Sorry, but it looks like this Google Sheet is already being updated by the Tiller Feedbot.

Feed Bot sheets cannot be connected to the Tiller Money Feeds add-on. Learn more about transitioning to Tiller Money Feeds.

Update Failed error

There are a few common update failed errors you might get during the update process (after you click "update sheets") if something goes wrong in your sheet.

Failed to update Transactions with Error: Exception: The data validation rule argument "=Statements!$N$3:$N" is invalid

This error is usually due to having a Statement column in the Transactions sheet, but the Statements sheet was removed. You can fix this issue by deleting the Statement column in the Transactions sheet and re-running the update.

Note: if you see a different "argument" that does not reference "Statements" in this error there is a data validation rule in a cell/column on your Transactions sheet that is no longer valid. This means that the sheet referenced in the error (in the example above, Statements) no longer exists in your Google Sheet. To correct this, find the column with an invalid data validation rule and remove it. You can tell a column has an invalid rule by clicking the dropdown in a cell and see an empty list that just presents the word "loading...".

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