My sheet is not updating

To fill data into your Google Sheet after the initial fill when you first linked the sheet, you need to click "Fill sheets" in the sidebar. The add-on should let you know if there is new data available to fill or if there are accounts that need your attention, which you may need to refresh. You can refresh them on the Console ( or under Connected Accounts in the add-on.

Read more about refreshes

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If you click "Fill sheets" and it just seems to fill forever without completing, or you're clicking on other menu options in the add-on sidebar and they don't do anything, review this section.

Oops something went wrong error

If you're seeing an error in the sidebar that says "Oops something went wrong" try refreshing the browser tab and then re-launch the Tiller Money Feeds add-on.

If that doesn't help, and you get this error after initiating a sheet fill (or a sheet fill starts automatically after launching the add-on) it may indicate that the fill process is timing out.

To fix:

  1. Close the sidebar

  2. Open the Extensions menu and choose Tiller Money Feeds > Sign out of Tiller

  3. Open the Extensions menu and choose Tiller Money Feeds > "Sign in to Tiller"

  4. Allow the sheet to finish calculating (progress bar in the top right of the sheet is no longer visible)

  5. Try filling the sheet

If you still get the error, it may indicate that you have too many dashboards in your sheet that are hogging the processing for the sheet.

You can try cleaning up your Balance History to remove duplicate or extraneous entries or go to the Settings menu in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on and toggle on the Auto Sort Override which will prevent the add-on from sorting your Transactions or Balance History sheets during the fill. This may speed things up and allow the process to complete. You would then need to manually sort the Transactions and Balance History sheets.

Transactions sheet is not compatible

⚠ This spreadsheet's Transactions sheet is not compatible with Tiller. Archive or delete your Transactions sheet...

This error happens when the word "Date" is missing in row 1 for the Date column in the Transactions sheet. Add the word "Date" back to row 1 in the date column and then click the "reload" link in the warning message.

Transactions sheet is missing

You're getting the following error: ⚠ This spreadsheet does not contain a Transactions sheet. Tiller Money Feeds will create this sheet when updating feeds.

This means your Transactions sheet was either accidentally deleted or you renamed it. The add-on expects the Transactions sheet (tab) to be named "Transactions" (without the quotes). If you renamed the Transactions sheet tab, you'll need to rename it back to Transactions in order for the add-on to continue filling your original Transactions sheet and not create a new one.

If you accidentally deleted your Transactions sheet you can restore to a previous version where of the Google Sheet using the version history features under the File menu.

Spreadsheet incompatible

Sorry, but it looks like this Google Sheet is already being updated by the Tiller Feed Bot.

Feed Bot sheets cannot be connected to the Tiller Money Feeds add-on. Learn more about transitioning to Tiller Money Feeds.

Update Failed error

There are a few common update failed errors you might get during the update process (after you click "Fill sheets") if something goes wrong in your sheet.

Failed to update Transactions with Error: Exception: The data validation rule argument "=Statements!$N$3:$N" is invalid

This error is usually due to having a Statement column in the Transactions sheet, but the Statements sheet was removed. You can fix this issue by deleting the Statement column in the Transactions sheet and re-running the update.

Note: if you see a different "argument" that does not reference "Statements" in this error there is a data validation rule in a cell/column on your Transactions sheet that is no longer valid. This means that the sheet referenced in the error (in the example above, Statements) no longer exists in your Google Sheet. To correct this, find the column with an invalid data validation rule and remove it. You can tell a column has an invalid rule by clicking the dropdown in a cell and see an empty list that just presents the word "loading...".

Sidebar doesn't fully load or refused to connect

If you launch the add-on from the Extensions menu and get the below gray error / crashed sidebar with a " refused to connect" message (Google Chrome) or the sidebar is blank (Safari) it means there is a conflict between the default Google user signed in to the browser and the Google account you're trying to use to launch the add-on.

We recommend using Tiller in a dedicated Google Chrome browser profile to prevent these types of account authentication conflicts. You can also review other options to fix here.

Options to fix this issue:

  1. Change the default user in the browser

  2. Use a dedicated Google Chrome browser profile

To change or set the default user:

  1. Log in at in the same browser session where you saw the error in your Google Sheet after launching Tiller Money Feeds

  2. Click the profile icon in the upper right of Google Drive

  3. Choose "Sign out of all accounts"

  4. Click "Continue"

  5. Sign in to the Google account associated with your Tiller subscription. You must sign in to this account first in order to set it as the default.

  6. Refresh the browser window or re-open your Google Sheet and launch the Tiller Money Feeds add-on from the Add-ons menu

You can then sign in to other Google accounts in the browser and this won't interfere with your use of Tiller.

Use a dedicated Google Chrome browser profile

  1. Launch Google Chrome

  2. Click the top most profile icon in the upper right

  3. Click "+ Add" at the bottom

  4. Click "Sign in" and sign in to the Google account you used to subscribe to Tiller

If you already have a browser profile for this Google user, sign out of other Google accounts in the profile and only use your Tiller subscribed Google account or set your Tiller-subscribed Google account as the default.

Getting a permission denied error

You're trying to launch the add-on from the Document add-ons sidebar by clicking "use" and you get a permission denied error or you just see the "working" message at the bottom and nothing happens.

To fix:

  1. Open the Add-ons/Extensions menu at the top of your Google Sheet.

  2. Choose Tiller Money Feeds > Launch

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