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Getting Started with Tiller
Most Common Questions When Getting Started With Tiller
Most Common Questions When Getting Started With Tiller

Review the most common questions our customers have when getting started with Tiller.

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Bank Connections

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When does my card on file get charged?

Your card will not be charged the $79 annual subscription fee until your 30 day free trial ends. If you cancel during your trial you will not be billed and still receive 30 days of free access. You can log in to the Tiller Console and access the Billing portal to see when your free trial will end by clicking on Subscription > Manage Subscription.

Should I use Tiller for Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel?

It's really a matter of preference and how important certain features are to you. Read more here.

Do I need to start over if I want to switch between Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel?

No, you can use the same account and try both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. You do not need to switch email addresses or sign up under a different account to try the other one. You can use either authentication type (Google or Microsoft) and still use both platforms under the same subscription/account.

If you signed up for Tiller with a Microsoft account and want to use Google Sheets, you can use any Google account to install Tiller Money Feeds and create your Google Sheets, but we do recommend that you create a dedicated browser profile for that Google account and sign in to only that Google account for use with Tiller or make sure you use your browser's default Google account. Read more here.

Can I still use Tiller if I am not a US customer?

Tiller is currently built for U.S. customers and is designed for U.S. dollars and dates. We provide international connectivity for our US customers to many banks outside the US, but we do not currently escalate issues to our data provider for any international banks if they are not connecting reliably.

We are unable to offer connections to any EU or UK banks due to Open Banking regulations. If you are a US customer connecting a US bank, we are available to help troubleshoot if you are experiencing a connection issue.

Can I use Tiller on my mobile phone or tablet?

If you’d like to use Tiller on an iPad or other mobile device we’ve got the options covered here.

Bank Connections

How can I connect more accounts to Tiller?

To connect more accounts to Tiller log in to the Console at and scroll to the Connected Account Summary and choose "Add accounts." Be sure to link your new accounts to your spreadsheet after getting them connected.

What types of accounts can I connect to Tiller?

You can connect a variety of account types to Tiller like mortgage, loans, credit cards, retirement accounts, in addition to your checking and savings accounts. Tiller can help you visualize all of your financial data in one place. Read more here.

To note: at this time we're unable to support insurance, bill pay, or utilities account types. While these accounts may appear in the list of connected accounts in our secure connection/refresh portal, our system does not pull them in for transaction and balance data feeds.

Is there a limit to the amount of accounts I can connect?

We do not have a specified limit, but some customers have run into unresolvable issues with being able to properly refresh institutions if you have more than 100 accounts connected to Tiller.

Can I use Tiller without connecting a bank account?

Yes, if your banks aren’t supported or you don’t want to connect your banks you can use the Foundation Template and manually add your bank data.

You can still use AutoCat and other features in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on/add-in that aren’t related to the automated data feeds.

Google Sheets:

  1. Click the link below to open a view-only copy of the Tiller Foundation Template. Please do NOT request access to the sheet.

  2. Open the File menu at the top of the Google Sheet.

  3. Choose "Make a copy."


  1. Click here to download the Tiller Foundation Template to the folder where your downloads are saved.

  2. Open this file and rename it with a unique name and save it to a location where you will remember.

    1. If you opt to store your file on OneDrive, make note of the OneDrive account that is signed in to Microsoft Excel when you save it.

Can I get transactions from more than 90 days ago?

Tiller can typically pull up to 90 days worth of historical transactions from most institutions, but this varies by institution. If you’d like to add more historical data to your sheet check out the guide below. 

My sheet stopped pulling in new transactions. What should I do?

Tiller Money Feeds requires you to click "Fill" in the add-on or add-in sidebar to pull available data. Your bank data is available after we have successfully refreshed your accounts. If you have multiple Tiller-powered spreadsheets, they will each need to be filled with new data.

If you’ve just added an account sometimes you’ll need you to answer additional security questions over the course of the few days after you added the account.

If you have two factor authentication turned on expect to need to re-authenticate the account frequently (sometimes daily) for refreshes to succeed. Log in to the Tiller Console to check the status of your accounts.

How often is data added to my spreadsheet?

Tiller connects to your financial institutions and pulls your latest transactions and balances in our databases about once a day. However, there are some cases where you’ll notice a slight delay, such as waiting for a transaction to clear with your institution, or if your accounts need re-authentication due to having two factor authentication turned on.

After each refresh you'll need to click "Fill" in the add-on or add-in sidebar to pull the latest transactions and balances into your spreadsheet.

I tried to add an account, but got an error. What should I do?

We know account connection errors are frustrating. Review this help article for specific troubleshooting steps related to account errors when trying to add an account.

Does Tiller support pending financial data?

Tiller only pulls in cleared transactions. If you have pending credit card data it will not show up on your Transactions sheet until it has been settled with your financial institution.

We do this because there are some cases, like when you pay at a restaurant and leave a tip on your card, when the settled amount is slightly higher than the pending amount.

Want to see pending data in your sheets? Visit the Tiller Community and vote for the Pending Transactions feature request.

Templates and Workflows

Does Tiller offer other templates beyond the Foundation template?

You can find other solutions for tracking net worth, debt payoff, and more via the Tiller Community Solutions add-on (Google Sheets only), all of which are supported and documented over on the Tiller Community. Most of the community solutions listed our website are compatible with the Foundation Template for Google Sheets and can be added using the Tiller Community Solutions add-on. You can use our Foundation Template for both Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets or build your own by connecting Tiller Money Feeds to your Google Sheet or start with a blank sheet and install solutions from the Tiller Community Solutions add-on. We only have a single Excel template right now, but you can review community-built Show & Tell solutions for Microsoft Excel here.

Can I manually add data to my spreadsheet?

Absolutely! Once you've connected at least one bank account to Tiller you'll be able to access our starter templates for Google Sheets and Excel. If one of your accounts isn't supported you can manually add the transaction and balance data. 

Why aren't my transactions automatically categorized?

We believe that manually categorizing transactions builds awareness around your spending. We also can’t assume to know the intent behind a purchase so we don’t auto categorize for you. However, we do have an automatic categorization tool called AutoCat for Google Sheets.

Where can I find AutoCat?

AutoCat is available via the Tiller Money Feeds add-on and add-in for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

How should I categorize credit card payments?

In most cases, we recommend categorizing credit card payments as transfers if you're paying off the card balance in full each month. Otherwise, you may consider some debt payoff workflows to help you budget for high credit card debt.

How can I split a transaction across multiple categories?

You can use the Tiller Money Feeds add-on to split transactions in your Google Sheets. We don't have this feature for Microsoft Excel just yet.

How should I categorize savings transfers between accounts?

We recommend using a transfer category type for both transactions that represent money moving between accounts where both accounts are connected to Tiller. 

How can I tag my spending?

Use the Tiller Community Solutions add-on to add the Tag column to Transactions and the Tags Report. 

Can I use subcategories?

Tiller doesn't have a subcategories feature or concept built into any workflows or templates at this time. However, our Group > Category structure is very similar. Read more here.

How can I create an additional spreadsheet?

You can link up to 5 spreadsheets to Tiller. If you'd like to create a new Foundation Template spreadsheet you can do that on the Tiller Console at or you can use Tiller Money Feeds to link your accounts to a blank spreadsheet or your own template. Learn more here.


Does Tiller offer live video, phone, or 1:1 support?

At this time we do not offer 1:1, live, video, or phone support. We use a message and email queue based support model. This means there can be a day or two delay in getting a subsequent response from our team.

How can I get help using Tiller?

If you need more help with using Tiller our best resources is our self paced getting started Tiller Foundations Guide. You can also search the hundreds of articles in our Help Center (scroll to the top of this page and use the search bar) or visit the Tiller Community or reach out to our support team using the chat tool in the lower right corner of this page (fastest response) or write to Read more about our support here.

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