Does Tiller offer other templates besides the Foundation template?

You can find other solutions for tracking net worth, debt payoff, and more via Tiller Labs on the Tiller Community. Most of the solutions listed on our website are compatible with the Foundation Template for Google Sheets and can be added using the Tiller Labs add-on. You can use our Foundation Template for Google Sheets or build your own with Tiller Labs or connect Tiller Money Feeds to any Google Sheet. We only have a single Excel template right now. 

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Can I get data from more than 90 days ago?

Tiller can typically pull up to 90 days worth of data from most institutions, but this varies by institution. If you’d like to add more historical data to your sheet check out the guide below. 

Manually add historical data to your Tiller spreadsheet

Can I manually add data to my spreadsheet?

Absolutely! Once you've connected at least one bank account to Tiller you'll be able to access our starter templates for Google Sheets and Excel. If one of your accounts isn't supported you can manually add the transaction and balance data. 

Learn how to manually add data to your Tiller spreadsheet

Why aren't my transactions automatically categorized?

We believe that manually categorizing transactions builds awareness around your spending. We also can’t assume to know the intent behind a purchase so we don’t auto categorize for you. However, we do have an automatic categorization tool called AutoCat that's available in one of our Google Sheets Add-ons

Read more about AutoCat.

Where can I find AutoCat?

AutoCat is currently available via the Tiller add-on. We currently have a few add-ons that offer different features and functionality. 

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I tried to add an account, but got an error. What should I do?

Account errors are common as you’re getting set up. Review this help article for specific troubleshooting steps related to account errors when trying to add an account.

My sheet stopped pulling in new transactions. What should I do?

The Tiller Money Feeds add-on requires you to turn on Auto Update or click "Update sheets" in the add-on to pull available data. Your bank data is available after we have successfully refreshed your accounts. If you’ve just added an account sometimes you’ll need you to answer additional security questions over the course of the few days after you added the account. If you have two factor authentication turned on expect to need to re-authenticate the account frequently (sometimes daily) for refreshes to succeed. Log in to the Tiller Console at to check the status of your accounts.

Read more about what to do if you’re missing transactions.

How often is data added to my Tiller spreadsheet?

Tiller updates your Google Sheets with your latest transactions and balances about once a day. However, there are some cases where you’ll notice a slight delay, such as waiting for a transaction to clear with your institution, or if your accounts need re-authentication due to having two factor authentication turned on. After each refresh on the Tiller Console make sure you click "Update sheets" in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on to see the latest available data. A refresh failed message does not mean all refreshes failed.

Read more about how refreshes work

How should I categorize transfers between accounts like transfers to a savings account?

We recommend using a transfer category type for both transactions that represent money moving between accounts where both accounts are connected to Tiller. 

Read more about using Transfer categories.

How can I tag my spending?

You can use tags in addition to categories in your Tiller spreadsheets if you follow these steps to set up a tagging workflow in your sheet. 

How can I split a transaction across multiple categories?

If you need to split a transaction to apply a portion of the amount to one category and the remainder to another use the Tiller Splitter add-on tool. 

Read more on splitting transactions here.

What is the Tiller add-on?

The Tiller add-on is a Google Sheets add-on that allows you to increase your productivity with Tiller. It makes some workflows more efficient, like categorizing transactions, and provides functionality for some templates, like creating budget dashboards in the Tiller Budget template. It comes pre-installed as a document add-on in some of our Google Sheets templates. 

Learn how to install the Tiller add-on for Google Sheets

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